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Remote Control of Environment

Remote Control of EnvironmentRemote Control of Environment

The Iranian Space Agency says developing remote monitoring of farmlands and the environment is a top priority in the current Iranian year (started March 20).

Speaking to IRNA, director of the agency, Mohsen Bahrami, said the ISA aims to enhance its current remote monitoring program in Mahdasht, Alborz Province, and expand its operations to other provinces.

“Following last year’s memorandum of understanding signed with the Agriculture Ministry, the ministry will have access to our facilities to monitor farms,” he said.

The Department of Environment too will be given access to the facilities later this year.

Bahrami did not elaborate for what purpose the DOE aims to use the remote monitoring system, but the systems are usually used to collect data relating to air pollution, forests, wildlife population and may even function as early warning systems for storms.

Using remote monitoring systems provides access to hard-to-reach locations and gives access to real-time data.