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Madagascar Drought Worsens

Madagascar Drought Worsens  Madagascar Drought Worsens

The southern region of Madagascar located in the Indian Ocean archipelago, is facing prolonged drought that has severely impacted agricultural activities. Lack of access to food, water and proper sanitation has led to the rise of acute malnutrition cases, AFP reported. Scavenging for wild fruits has become the norm as hunger continues to bite for most of the population in the southern part of the country. Health workers conduct periodic visits in far flung villages that have been severely affected by prolonged drought. “This month we have found 70 cases of malnutrition and the numbers could rise up to 100 next month if the weather continues like this,” said Masy Tandae, a health worker. The government of Madagascar declared a state of emergency in the region. The UN has drafted a contingency response plan with a budget of $ 70 million, of which only 9% has been secured so far.