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Fresh Appeal for Water Conservation

Fresh Appeal for Water ConservationFresh Appeal for Water Conservation

Tehran may be in deep trouble in less than nine years if the capital’s growing demand for water is not checked, according to Khosro Erteqaei, managing director of the Tehran Water Authority.

“Dwindling resources make conservation of what little we have left all the more important,” he said, adding that most of Tehran’s sources of drinking water are susceptible to pollution, ISNA reported.

The sprawling capital, which is home to 12 million, receives 142 millimeters of rain every year and its available per capita renewable water is 215 cubic meters. This is while the average Tehrani uses anywhere between 250 and 400 liters of water every day.

Iranian experts predict that the country’s water scarcity will hit crisis level by 2025, when available renewable water will be less than 1,000 cubic meters per capita, down from 2,000 cubic meters in 1950.  

A noxious combination of unsustainable farming, ineffective policies and mismanagement, haphazard urbanization, and population explosion has taken a toll on Iran’s fast-depleting water resources with the worst around the corner.