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DOE Supports Sustainable Development in Chabahar

DOE Supports Sustainable Development in ChabaharDOE Supports Sustainable Development in Chabahar

Following a visit to Makran Industrial Complex in Chabahar Free Zone, Department of Environment chief Massoumeh Ebtekar voiced her support for the industrial development of the region while stressing the use of modern technology to ensure ecofriendly operations.

Accompanied by Sistan-Baluchestan governor-general, Ali Osat Hashemi, and other provincial and local officials, Ebtekar visited the complex last week to lay to rest rumors that her department was opposed the development of the region, stressing that the DOE is a strong advocate of sustainable development.

“We back ecofriendly development but are against environmentally damaging practices,” she was quoted as saying by the Persian daily Donya-e-Eqtesad.

Recalling years of environmental damage inflicted on Iran due to mismanagement, the official said environmental conservation has always been a widely discussed but scarcely practice concept.

“And so we’re witness to the negative impact of inaction,” she said.

During her visit to the site, Ebtekar met with the project managers and contractors who briefed her on how development in the area complies with environmental regulations. They also presented the outcome of opinion polls supposedly showing widespread support for the construction of the complex.

Hashemi said that Chabahar will become “the industrial hub of the province” and help Iran seize unique economic opportunities following the lifting of the international economic sanctions last month.

The development of the complex is expected to take ten years. Once complete, it will help create 17,000 direct jobs.