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Water Guzzlers Warned

Water Guzzlers WarnedWater Guzzlers Warned

Iran’s looming water crisis and the apparent inattention to the gravity of the problem has prompted water officials to take drastic measures, including cutting off water supply to heavy consumers.

During the past several years, officials have regularly warned that water would be rationed during the summer, a threat that materialized only a few times. However, as ISNA reports, the government has approved a proposal by the Energy Ministry to cut water supply to those with excessive water consumption beginning this summer.

It is unclear whether the plan targets all categories of water users or only residential consumers.

 The ministry is now tasked with identifying those deemed to be using too much water, but as of yet the criteria for determining excessive consumption is not known.

Those whose water supply will be disconnected will have to pay a hefty fine.

“We believe this measure will help bring an end to our 15-year struggle with water shortage,” the news agency quoted Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian as saying.

Some argue that the measure is a good start, but to ensure its results will last, public awareness must be raised and water policies reviewed. They say those with unreasonably high water consumption tend to be affluent, so paying fines might not be the proper disincentive.