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Empowering Locals to Protect Gwadar Bay Ecosystem

Empowering Locals to Protect Gwadar Bay EcosystemEmpowering Locals to Protect Gwadar Bay Ecosystem

Iran and Pakistan are set to join forces to protect the fragile ecosystem of Gwadar Bay, located in the Gulf of Oman on the maritime border of the two states.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature will also play a role in the proposed project, whose draft has recently been prepared.

“Once Iranian and Pakistani officials review and approve the proposal, the project will begin,” Mohsen Soleimani Rouzbehani, director of the Iranian Wetlands Conservation Project (IWCP), was quoted as saying by Mehr News Agency.

The draft proposal was prepared after several meetings and workshops in Pakistan, which were attended by representatives from IUCN and IWCP.

The project outlines measures to protect the region’s endangered species and improve management of local fisheries to prevent overfishing. Empowering local communities and improving their livelihood other measures outlined in the draft.

“We also want to help local communities adapt to the effects of climate change,” Rouzbehani said.