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Urgency of Pollution Bill

Urgency of Pollution Bill Urgency of Pollution Bill

Moayed Hosseini Sadr, spokesman of the Majlis Environment Commission said Sunday he will urge the legislature to urgently review the Clean Air Bill that has been backlogged for more than a year. Citing Tehran’s recent air pollution crisis, the lawmaker told ISNA that the commission has prepared a letter calling on the Parliament to give the bill top priority basis. Sadr said relevant commissions, including the energy, industries and mines, agriculture, and urban development, have already reviewed the bill, meaning that the voting in the full chamber is the only missing part before the bill becomes law.  The Department of Environment, the architect of the important bill, has also proposed an amendment to the vehicle technical inspection law. It calls for more regular inspections of big and small vehicles. The current law, the DOE insists is rather outdated as it stipulates that new cars must go for the first such inspection five years after registration. The DOE is pushing for biennial inspections.