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Wolves Pushing Into Gilan Towns

Wolves Pushing Into Gilan TownsWolves Pushing Into Gilan Towns

Sporadic reports of wild animals, namely wolves, finding their way to human-inhabited areas in Gilan Province in search of food and water has caused concern among locals. “This is not a one-off occurrence; it happens every year,” said Ali Teymouri, deputy for hunting and fishing at the Department of Environment, according to ILNA. Expansion of human populations has resulted in the shrinking of natural habitats, leading to more frequent human-wildlife conflicts. “The animals aren’t left with a lot of choices,” he said, adding that the conflicts usually result in the local populace taking matters into their own hands, with fatal results. “We’ve taken measures to ensure farmers and shepherds are adequately compensated for losses incurred by wild animals to dissuade them from killing endangered species, such as wolves and leopards,” he said. The official said two insurance companies have agreed to compensate the locals for their losses. He did not name the companies nor provide details. “Can we blame the animals? Not really. After all it is we who have infringed on their terrain,” Teymouri was quoted by the news agency as saying.