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Anti-Poaching Measures in Mazandaran

Anti-Poaching Measures in MazandaranAnti-Poaching Measures in Mazandaran

The Department of Environment office in Mazandaran Province in cooperation with the provincial law enforcement forces will begin enforcing anti-poaching measures from November 19 in Fereydounkenar. “Officials expect droves of migratory birds to land in the area, which will attract poachers,” Col. Hamid Reza Kheildar, head of the provincial DOE’s protection unit, told IRNA. He said a committee has been formed in Fereydounkenar to ramp up the fight against the illegal trade of birds, particularly migratory birds. Kheildar said police will patrol local bazaars in Fereydounkenar as well as known spots where illegal wildlife trade occurs to spot banned transactions involving migratory birds in one of Iran’s top tourist attractions in the northern Caspian Sea region.