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Karoun Conservation a Priority

Karoun Conservation a PriorityKaroun Conservation a Priority

First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri has instructed relevant bodies, including the Department of Environment and Energy Ministry, to ensure the Karoun River is not harmed in any way. Highlighting the importance of Karoun during a session of the High Water Council Wednesday, he said, “The river must be monitored diligently.” In addition to irrigating farmlands, Karoun supplies a substantial portion of the southern Khuzestan region’s drinking water, Mehr News Agency reported. Jahangiri, who chairs the council, said the protecting the river is “a priority of the government” and “The Management and Planning Organization will draw up a plan to protect the Karoun.” Among the more immediate threats to the river are its high salinity due to the Gotvand Dam, and pollution caused by industrial and urban waste.