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Tehran’s Most Polluted Neighborhoods

Tehran’s Most Polluted NeighborhoodsTehran’s Most Polluted Neighborhoods

A Department of Environment official has revealed the names of the capital’s most polluted neighborhoods in the past week. Following the temperature inversion which occurred last week, Tehran’s already low air quality suffered further, with some districts experiencing a sharper decline in air quality than others.  Speaking to ISNA, Mohammad Rastegari, the environmental monitoring deputy at the DOE, said Shahr-e-Rey and Razi Park in south Tehran, and the ironically named Salamat (Persian for health) Park in the southwest had registered the highest levels of pollution in recent days. Shahr-e-Rey topped the list, as it usually does, with an Air Quality Index of 161, followed in close-second by Razi Park, which recorded an AQI of 158. With a quality index of 156, Salamat Park rounded off the top three. Reports say an estimated 4,400 people die in the sprawling capital due to air pollution.