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Increase in Precipitation

Increase in PrecipitationIncrease in Precipitation

Intermittent rainfall during the Iranian month of Mehr (September 23 – October 22) and continuous rainfall over the past few days (up to October 31) across Iran denote a 22-percent increase in precipitation compared to the same period of last year.

As Mehr News Agency reports, Iran has enjoyed 28 milliliters of rainfall since September 23—the beginning of the current water year—which is a 115% increase compared to the long-term average of 11 milliliters.

This is good news for Iran, which has been battling persistent drought and dwindling groundwater resources, with latest reports suggesting that over 97% of surface water has been used.

It is too early to tell if current weather patterns will hold, but Shahrokh Fateh, head of National Center for Drought and Crisis Management at the Iran Meteorological Organization, said last week rainfall is expected to be slightly higher than normal in certain provinces in the coming months.