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Rising Temperatures Taking Toll on Corals

Rising Temperatures Taking Toll on CoralsRising Temperatures Taking Toll on Corals

About 43% of coral reefs around Kish Island in the Persian Gulf are bleached, director for coasts and marine biomes at the Department of Environment, said. Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Davoud Mirshekar said a team dispatched by the department to afflicted regions in the Persian Gulf has reported that the corals are in a perilous state, IRNA reported. In addition to Kish Island, the team investigated coral reefs in Chabahar Port and the islands of Kharg, Kharko, Nayband, Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa. “Coral reefs east and north of Kharg Island are completely healthy, but those to the west of Kharko Island are not faring well,” the official said, adding that the rising water temperature has killed around 40% of corals in the region. For the past two years, there have been scattered reports of coral bleaching in Iran’s southern waters. While coral bleaching reverses after summer when the temperatures drop, consistently high temperatures in recent years thanks to climate change have ensured corals receive no respite. In addition to climate change, water pollution caused by industrial activity in the coasts has contributed to the demise of coral reefs.