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Water Filtration Appliances to be Reviewed

Water Filtration Appliances to be ReviewedWater Filtration Appliances to be Reviewed

Brands of household water filtration appliances will be reviewed in a joint project involving the Ministry of Health and Department of Environment.

“Quality of drinking water directly affects the well-being of people,” said Simin Nasseri, head of the Research Center for Water Quality at DOE, according to Mehr News Agency.

Most regions in Iran—roughly 97%—have access to tapwater, thanks to the country’s extensive water network, but many have questioned its quality.

“That’s why many people use water filtration appliances at home. Unfortunately, most don’t know much about the effectiveness of these devices,” she said.

To ensure the quality of water filtration devices in the market, Nasseri said her research center will, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, begin reviewing the most commonly used brands of filtration appliances in Iran.

“If all goes well, we will have results in seven months,” she said.