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Environmental Targets Prove Elusive

Environmental Targets Prove ElusiveEnvironmental Targets Prove Elusive

Iran has been unable to meet its environmental targets outlined in the country’s Fifth Five-Year Economic Development Plan (2010-16), according to a member of the parliamentary environmental faction.

Speaking to ILNA, Moayyed Hosseini Sadr added that the state of environment is “worrying” and said, “The plan outlined numerous environmental goals, but none was met.”

Sadr recalled Iran’s struggles with air pollution, desiccation of lakes and contamination of groundwater resources, and said the environment has been neglected for too long, which has led to the loss of flora and fauna.

The MP heaped praise on President Hassan Rouhani’s speech at a plenary meeting of the UN Sustainable Development Summit 2015 earlier this week and said, “The president’s address was very encouraging and sent a positive message to the world.”

At the meeting, Rouhani said his administration is “environmentally responsible and committed to supporting international efforts to preserve nature and push for sustainable development.”

However, Sadr, whose constituency is Khoy and Chaipareh in West Azarbaijan Province, was quick to point out that actions speak louder than words and said, “In terms of environmental protection, Iran ranks 125th in the world. This shows we have the work cut out for us.”

Sadr said everyone needs to realize that the environment is not a renewable resource and it takes a very long time for it to recover, if it is able to.