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Goat Plague in Alborz

Goat Plague in AlborzGoat Plague in Alborz

A total of 76 wild goats and sheep in Taleqan No-Hunting Area, Alborz Province, fell victim to the deadly disease of ovine rinderpest, also known as pestes des petits ruminants, veterinarian at the provincial Department of Environment, Majid Darki, said. According to the report presented in a meeting with the head of DOE, Massoumeh Ebtekar, Alborz Governor General Seyyed Hamid Tahaei and a number of provincial officials, 80% to 90% of ruminants, which set foot in contaminated areas, are affected by PPR. Those affected have a 50% chance of survival. The first instance of the disease in Iran was reported in Tehran Province back in 1994 among domestic ruminants. Six years later in 2000, the disease resurfaced in Tehran, this time among wild animals. The only available means to control PPR is vaccination of domestic animals, Darki said. Unvaccinated domestic animals should be prevented from entering wildlife pastures. Movement restriction can also help control the disease.