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Nuclear Deal to Facilitate Green Investments

 Nuclear Deal to Facilitate Green Investments Nuclear Deal to Facilitate Green Investments

The signing of the nuclear accord on July 14 in Vienna, Austria, between Iran and the six major world powers, which could result in the complete lifting of sanctions, paves Iran’s way to a more prospering and green economy.

Declaring the above, Wolfgang Neumann, the head of the Energy Globe Foundation, hailed the deal and said it would facilitate investment in Iran.

Neumann noted that his foundation was unable to start projects in the Mideast country due to the western-imposed sanctions, IRNA reported.

“Once the sanctions are lifted, we can expand our operations in Iran and begin joint projects with Iranian firms in line with sustainable development,” he said.

He then pointed to the Tehran-based Green Management Association and praised their work to push for sustainable development and preservation of natural resources.

“The association will host the International Energy Globe Awards in January 2016,” he said.

“Everything, from preparation of building material to their transportation to a construction site to the execution of a project must all abide by principles of sustainable development. I believe this is inherent in Iranian history, culture and religion.”

Neumann said this can be a good chance for Iran to find its place in contributing to a sustainable globe. Many new technologies in sustainability and green development has been innovated and expanded in Europe during the past 35 years.

“Today, Iran can use successful climate and environment friendly technologies.”

He said the signing of the deal spells a new era for Iran and allows the country to contribute to the international push for sustainability.

“Europe has made great strides in the field of green technology, and now Iran can take advantage of the latest advances in the area,” he said.

Neumann has been actively raising global awareness regarding energy efficiency and green living for 25 years, and founded the Energy Globe Award in 1999 to recognize projects that employ alternative energy sources and make economical use of resources.