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Iran Attending UNEP Program

Iran Attending UNEP ProgramIran Attending UNEP Program

Iran is attending the midterm review session of the Fourth Montevideo Program slated for Sept. 7-11 in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Farhad Dabiri, deputy for natural environment and biodiversity at the Department of Environment, represents the country at the event organized by the United Nations Environment Program. Dabiri has extensive knowledge of environmental laws, which was the reason for his selection to attend the meeting, Borna News Agency reported.  The outcome of the five-day review meeting will provide the international community with a strategy for contributing to the progressive development of environmental laws.    The review will be submitted to the Second UN Environment Assembly in 2016.  UNEP has been conducting studies on environmental laws on the basis of sequential 10-year Montevideo programs for the Development and Periodic Review of Environmental Law, setting the strategy for UNEP’s engagement in the field of environmental law. In 2009, UNEP adopted the Fourth Montevideo Program for the decade commencing 2010. It provides a framework for UNEP’s activities to develop and implement environmental laws for the decade.