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Water Use in E. Azarbaijan Injudicious

Water Use in E. Azarbaijan InjudiciousWater Use in E. Azarbaijan Injudicious

The water use-to-availability ratio in the rural regions of East Azarbaijan Province is 2-to-1, meaning rural residents are using twice as much water available to them, according to the CEO of East Azarbaijan’s Water and Wastewater Company. Speaking to reporters on Monday in Osku, Ali Samadnejad added that the responsible use of water resources is essential to overcoming the looming water crisis, Mehr News Agency reported. “For instance, Zarrinehroud river is being used to water gardens in rural areas,” he said. Nader Vahedi, deputy governor of Osku, said it is “our responsibility to ensure future generations will not have water problems”. Vahedi said Iran is located in a semi-arid region, which makes judicious use of water a necessity.