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Tehran to Host Festival of Asiatic Cheetah

Tehran to Host Festival of Asiatic Cheetah
Tehran to Host Festival of Asiatic Cheetah

The 9th Festival of Asiatic Cheetah National Day will be held in Tehran and a number of other cities on August 27-28.

In 2007, the Asiatic Cheetah Society designated August 31 as the National Day for the Asiatic Cheetah and it has been observed ever since, IRNA reported.

In Tehran, the festival will be held at Mellat Park on Vali-Asr Street.

Environmental NGOs and institutions are scheduled to participate in the festival that features educational games, painting competitions and theatrical plays centered around the big cat.

The last wild Asiatic cheetahs in Iran—the last known refuge of the animal—are now thought to number between 70-110 individuals, all occupying the remote and arid central plateau.

The Asiatic cheetah has a smaller head than their African cousins. Their legs are shorter, their coat thicker and their neck is more powerful.

Neybandan Wildlife Refuge in Yazd Province, Miandasht Wildlife Refuge in North Khorasan Province and Touran Wildlife Refuge in Semnan Province are the only facilities in Iran equipped to take care of orphaned cheetahs.

Tehran’s Pardisan Zoo is cooperating with renowned breeding specialist Sean McKewon, who recently led an effort to breed African cheetahs in the UAE, to breed the critically endangered species.