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Spread of Industries Harms Environment

Spread of Industries Harms EnvironmentSpread of Industries Harms Environment

The uneven distribution of industrial units in Iran poses environmental and health hazards, according to a deputy at the Department of Environment.

Speaking at a meeting in Isfahan between provincial DOE heads and CEOs of industries, Saeed Motessadi added that the spread of industrial units in Iran is like no other country and stressed that the department is committed to remedying the problem, IRNA reported.

“Developing industrial townships is a policy of DOE,” he said, adding that in the developed world, industrial units are only allowed to operate in special zones.

The official said a mutual understanding has “blossomed” between the department and the heads of factories that “opens a new chapter in tackling environmental problems”.

Motessadi pointed to the infrastructure in industrial areas and said, “Industrial units will incur less damage once they move away from residential areas because they do not have to spend hefty sums to develop eco-friendly infrastructure [since they already exist in industrial towns].”

The official said the relocation of industrial units to designated areas has numerous benefits for both industry and environment.

Motessadi noted that many road accidents are caused due to collision of passenger vehicles with trucks transporting industrial waste.

“Concentration of industrial units in certain areas can help reduce road accidents since there would be no need to transport industrial wastes and byproducts through residential areas and inter-city roads,” he said.