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Bakhtegan Wetland Needs More Water

Bakhtegan Wetland Needs More WaterBakhtegan Wetland Needs More Water

Revival of the embattled Bakhtegan Wetland requires at least 250 million cubic meters of water, director general of Fars Department of Environment said. Hamzeh Valavi said Bakhtegan’s rich ecosystem has become a victim of “unwise” wetland management policies, the Persian daily Hamshahri reported. “Desiccation of the wetland threatens human settlements around the lagoon,” he said. “The department has ensured that between 20 and 50 million cubic meters of water from Doroudzan River flows into the wetland every year, but it needs at least 200 million cubic meters more. “Valavi said it is imperative to observe Bakhtegan’s water rights and called for more efficient policies to help preserve Iran’s wetlands.