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DOE: Desertification Rate Alarming

DOE: Desertification Rate AlarmingDOE: Desertification Rate Alarming

Iran has the highest rate of desertification worldwide, according to the head of Tehran’s Department of Environment, Hadi Heydarzadeh.

Heydarzadeh referred to the looming water crisis as the most serious problem plaguing Iran and said land has subsided by 35 cm in Tehran Plain, Mehr News Agency reported.

“Climate change and mismanagement of resources are to blame for the current water situation,” he said.

“The sixth five-year economic development plan (2016-21) must address the issues at provincial and national levels.”

Iran’s worsening water shortage has prompted experts to call for a ban on growing water-intensive crops.

The official said spatial planning is crucial for sustainable development and emphasized that all projects must adhere to its principles.

“The public must become aware of the importance of spatial planning for having a sustainable society and measures must be taken to encourage public participation in environmental projects,” he said.

Heydarzadeh pointed to international cooperation as a major step toward tackling environmental issues, especially in developing countries, and called for enhancing ties with the developed world.