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Bill to Protect Forests Prepared

Bill to Protect Forests PreparedBill to Protect Forests Prepared

Head of the Department of Environment, Massoumeh Ebtekar, said the bill to preserve and protect forests has been prepared. Speaking during a visit to the forests of Palang Darreh in Shirgah County, Mazandaran Province, Ebtekar said, “The proper implementation of the bill, once it becomes law, requires time, but it will help promote the sustainable use of forest resources.” Once approved, the bill will ban exploitation of forests, including illegal logging, which not only destroys ecosystems, but also exacerbate wood smuggling, ILNA reported. Following the rise in wildfires, exacerbated by high temperatures and drought, Ebtekar called for the implementation of programs to raise public awareness. Most forest fires are caused by human negligence. “Any effort to protect forests and the environment helps protect the wellbeing of people who either live close to or depend on forests,” she said. Emphasizing the invaluable role of NGOs in the preservation of forests, Ebtekar said these organizations can hold events to encourage public participation for the protection of natural resources.