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Efforts to Register Ranger Day Underway

Efforts to Register Ranger Day UnderwayEfforts to Register Ranger Day Underway

The Department of Environment is committed to registering World Ranger Day on the Iranian calendar, according to a deputy of the department. Speaking to Mehr News Agency, Mohammad Darvish added that DOE will not stop until the National Ranger Day is officially recognized on the calendar. “World Ranger Day has been celebrated since 2007, when the International Ranger Federation was founded,” he said. Due to a lack of manpower, rangers in Iran are forced to do the job of three rangers, Darvish said, adding that there are only 2,850 rangers in the country.

“Despite the occupational pressure, rangers have a meager income and we are working to remedy that,” he said, hoping that once the western-imposed sanctions are lifted, the department’s budget will increase and allow DOE to raise the rangers’ salaries.