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Environmental Articles Approved for 6th Plan

Environmental Articles Approved for 6th Plan
Environmental Articles Approved for 6th Plan

The Expediency Council has approved six environmental articles for inclusion in the sixth five-year economic development plan (2016–21), the head of the council’s Environment Committee, Seyyed Mohammad Mojabi, said.

The decision was made during the council’s second session to review general environmental policies, the draft of which had been accepted by the office of the Leader of Islamic Revolution Seyyed Ali Khamenei. The policies pertain to water, soil, weather, biodiversity and methods to protect these issues, ISNA reported.

Mojabi said the articles aim to empower the High Environment Council and help manage environmental resources.

“The policies emphasize fighting pollution and prosecuting those who damage the environment,” he said.

Another approved item involved protection of renewable natural resources and law enforcement over sustainable exploitation in proportion to theecological capacities of resources. Preservation of genetic resources is also included in the item.

Protection of renewable resources and sustainable use of resources were other items of importance mentioned in the articles.

“Green economy” also received a nod. Special attention was given to low carbon economy, clean energy, organic and healthy agricultural products and waste and wastewater management.

The general environmental policies were also concerned about modification of production models in economic and social fields. The economic usage of water, energy, resources and materials is emphasized in the policies.

“An article calling for environmental audits to ensure compliance with regulations has also been approved,” Mojabi said.

“Policies promoting the efficient use of groundwater sources and watershed programs were also approved.”

The rest of the articles will be reviewed in the council’s future sessions.

In an event to commemorate World Environment Day in June, President Hassan Rouhani labeled his administration “the government of environment”, and stressed the importance of tackling environmental issues.