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Rise in Water Tariff Proposed

Rise in Water Tariff Proposed
Rise in Water Tariff Proposed

Pending the approval of the Energy Ministry’s Economic Council, water tariffs will increase and those with high water use would be fined, said an official at the ministry.

Seyyed Rasoul Baqeri added that those who use above 30 cubic meters of water per month will have to pay double the entitled amount, Mehr News Agency reported.

“To encourage the efficient use of water, those who consume between 10 and 20 cubic meters of water will receive a 60-percent discount,” he said.

“Consumers who use 5 cubic meters of water each month will only pay 30% of the entitled amount.”

Baqeri clarified that subscribers who use 20 cubic meters per month will pay the billed amount.

“In addition to combating inefficient water use, the plan aims to use the fine collected from water wasters to improve the quality of services,” he said.

Labeling the new tariffs “realistic”, Baqeri said the ministry will recuperate the money lost through discounts by doubling the charges for those who use too much water.