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Takht-e Soleiman Glacier Melting Damages Tonekabon

Takht-e Soleiman Glacier Melting Damages TonekabonTakht-e Soleiman Glacier Melting Damages Tonekabon

the partial melting of Takht-e Soleiman Glacier last week resulted in the flooding of Cheshmeh Kileh River and caused significant damage to the natural environment of Tonekabon, Mazandaran Province, specifically the flora and fauna in Se-Hezar rural district.

The incident resulted in an abnormal blossoming of some plants at higher elevations. It has also killed certain animal species, particularly insects, said the head of Department of Environment in Tonekabon and Abbasabad, Hadi Mansourkia, IRNA reported.

In addition to severe environmental impacts, the incident inflicted $300,000 in damages to infrastructure.

The bridge connecting the avillages of Zalam, Karen, Ashtiyas and Saran was damaged, while the freshwater reservoir and water network of other villages were completely destroyed.

Tonekabon’s governor reported that five fish farms in Se-Hezar have been damaged as well.

Glacier melting is a result of global warming due to rising carbon emissions, said Mansourkia, citing a major decrease in river discharge and level of groundwater resources in the region.

Experts say the recurrence of such an event is not improbable. With the advent of the summer season and increase in temperature, there is a good chance other sections of the glacier will melt and have similar impacts.

Pointing out that such incidents have happened since 1997, the official called for immediate action to prevent and curb further damage to the region.