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Vehicles to Help Combat Wildfire

Vehicles to Help Combat WildfireVehicles to Help Combat Wildfire

The government granted Forests, Range and Watershed Management Organization 180 fire trucks to fight wildfires in the Caspian and Zagros forests, according to forest affairs deputy of the organization, Behzad Angouraj. The fire trucks will soon be at the disposal of the organization’s Forest Affairs Office, he told IRNA, adding that the move to boost FRWO’s ability to fight wildfires will help stop the spread of forest fires. Angouraj said First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri has pledged government funding to help programs that protect forests. “Once the funding goes through, helipads will be constructed at six strategic sites in or near the Caspian and Zagros forests,” he revealed. Recalling the unprecedented heat and recent wildfires, the official urged campers to avoid building campfires and err on the side of caution if they have to build one. Over 100 hectares of forestland have been devoured by wildfires in the past three months, raising concerns over the higher risk of forest fires during the scorching summer months. In the past week, forests in the provinces of Mazandaran and Kohgilouyeh-Boyerahmad succumbed to wildfire.