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Nanomembrane Developed to Purify Waste

Nanomembrane Developed to Purify WasteNanomembrane Developed to Purify Waste

Iranian researchers at Kermanshah’s Razi University have developed a nanomembrane that refines colored and industrial wastes in a short time with encouraging results. Textile industry produces wastewater containing high amounts of color that cannot be eliminated through conventional water purification methods, IRNA reported. The ceramic nanomembrane can degrade different types of pollutants in industrial wastewater with less congestion and higher efficiency compared to its predecessors, the researchers said in an article published in the journal Desalination. Proposed as a potential solution to Iran’s water problems, recycling wastewater has been thoroughly researched around the world. Existing refining technologies are either time-consuming or ineffective. The nanomembrane can treat oily wastewater using membrane separation to completely remove color from the water. The researchers say the nanomembrane will greatly reduce costs, since they can be reused.