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Harsher Fines for Poachers

Harsher Fines for PoachersHarsher Fines for Poachers

Poaching fines have increased following the High Environment Council’s ruling, said the director of Hunting and Fishing Office at the Department of Environment, Ali Teymouri. On average, the fines have increased fivefold, and in some cases they have gone up tenfold, he told IRNA. Teymouri said the severe fines will hopefully deter illegal hunting. The ruling has increased the fine for hunting leopards to 800 million rials ($24,000), up from 50 million rials ($1,500). The new fine for hunting cheetahs is now 1 billion rials ($30,000), up from 200 million rials ($6,000). Monetary penalties for hunting other endangered species have also increased. In addition, the ruling introduces fines for animals that were not previously illegal to hunt, including Caspian seals and mugger crocodiles.