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Call for ActionCall for Action

An MP from Khuzestan Province has urged the government delegation set to visit the province on Tuesday to put an end to the worsening environmental situation in Khuzestan. The delegation, consisting of Department of Environment chief, Masoumeh Ebtekar, and deputies at energy, agriculture and oil ministries, aim to assess the sources of dust storms and hold meetings with the press and provincial NGOs. Speaking to ISNA, Abdollah Tamimi, whose constituents live in Shadegan, said officials must avoid platitudes. “They need to stop saying how sorry they are about the situation in Khuzestan and start brainstorming solutions.” Khuzestan Province has been a victim of recurring dust storms since the past few months, which have become more severe. In early 2015, the crippling dust storms forced people to stay indoors and filled emergency rooms with patients suffering from respiratory complications.