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Limiting Climate Change Could Boost Economy

Limiting Climate Change Could Boost EconomyLimiting Climate Change Could Boost Economy

Action on climate change could create more jobs and prevent premature deaths by 2030 across the EU, US and China, while preventing premature deaths each year, according to a study by New Climate Institute, Climate Action Network (CAN) reported.

The new study, which was commissioned by CAN, calculates that as well as helping reduce climate change risk, the steps outlined in the plans for these three economies will mean a total of almost 1 million new jobs by 2030, save the lives of around 113,000 people who will no longer die prematurely thanks to reduced air pollution, and huge savings from avoiding the high costs of imported fossil fuels.

Furthermore, scaling up their commitments to be in line with the transition to economies powered by 100% renewables by mid-century will mean unlocking even more benefits for these nations. More ambitious plans would collectively create around 3 million jobs by 2030, save the lives of around 2 million people who would otherwise fall victim to deadly air pollution, and would save around US$520 billion from avoided fossil fuel imports per year. If all countries took climate actions at this scale, global warming would not cross the 2° C threshold, beyond which scientists predict climate change to spin out of control.