Palestine’s Abbas Keen to Visit

Palestine’s Abbas Keen to Visit Palestine’s Abbas Keen to Visit

A member of the central council of the Palestinian political party Fatah said President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas is keen to visit Iran.    

In an interview with IRNA conducted at the Palestinian Embassy in Beirut, Azzam Al-Ahmad, who is a close friend of Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization Mahmoud Abbas, said he feels proud of the cordial relations between Iran and Palestine.

Referring to the Palestinian president's trip to Tehran in August 2012 to participate in the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, he said, "Mahmoud Abbas is looking forward to being officially invited to visit Tehran and I am sure he is eager to make such a trip," IRNA reported on Tuesday.  

Elsewhere, he praised the negotiating skills of Iranian diplomats engaged in the negotiations with the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) over Tehran's nuclear program, expressing satisfaction with the progress made so far in the talks and hoping that the negotiations will yield "a promising result" for Iran.

Touching on Tehran's emphasis on the necessity of arming the West Bank to help the people there in their resistance against the aggressive actions of the Zionist regime, the Fatah official said, "Most of the confrontations between the Palestinians and the Zionist regime occur in the West Bank region."   

Ahmad called Iran a great Islamic country which has consistently supported the Palestinians based on its religious and moral duties.

He said, "A strong Iran is to the benefit of Palestine," adding, "The West Bank welcomes any assistance from Iran."

The Palestinian official also stressed the necessity for expansion of relations between Iran and the Palestinian Authority.