London Forum: Iran Cannot Be Isolated

London Forum: Iran Cannot Be IsolatedLondon Forum: Iran Cannot Be Isolated

The participants at a political forum in London have underlined the significant role of Iran in helping ensure regional stability and emphasized that the policy of isolation, imposing sanctions and piling up pressure on the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program is "unproductive".   

The British capital hosted the one-day political event on the theme of "Iran's Re-Engagement with the International Community, and its Impact on Geopolitics in the Middle East."

A handful of current and former British officials were present at the meeting which was held on Monday, IRNA reported.  

Lord Hannay, former UK ambassador to the United Nations and member of the House of Lords, dismissed western allegations that Iran may be seeking to develop nuclear weapons and said, "Iran has repeatedly announced that it has no intention to build a nuclear bomb."  

"When Tehran is addressing western concerns over the number of centrifuges and (uranium) enrichment, a permanent settlement of Iran's nuclear program is not out of reach," he added.

Jeremy Corbyn, member of the House of Commons for the Labour Party, said, "Many Iranians want to see an end to western sanctions and normalization of relations with the international community."

Other British MPs accused the West of adopting "double standards" regarding the issue of human rights.

Lord Lamont, former chancellor of the Exchequer and member of the House of Lords, said while the West censures Iran for alleged human rights violations, it has turned a blind eye to the crackdown on Shiite Muslims in Bahrain as well as widespread cases of human rights violations in other Arab countries.

Lamont also said, "The policy of imposing sanctions and isolating Iran will go nowhere."