Croatia Ready to Help Nuclear Diplomacy

Croatia Ready to Help Nuclear Diplomacy
Croatia Ready to Help Nuclear Diplomacy

The Croatian first deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs says her country is prepared to cooperate to help advance the talks between Iran and the major powers on Tehran’s nuclear program.

In a meeting with Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in Tehran on Monday, Vesna Pusic expressed satisfaction with her visit to Iran and her meetings with Iranian officials and said, “Croatia is keen to expand bilateral cooperation with Iran in various political, parliamentary, economic, business and industrial fields,” IRNA reported.

The Croatian deputy prime minister expressed hope that through the perseverance and resolve of the negotiating parties, Iran’s nuclear issue will be resolved fairly to help promote peace and stability in the world, adding, “Croatia, as a new EU member, is prepared to cooperate to push the talks ahead.”

Describing terrorism as a dangerous phenomenon, she said, “The international community has failed to establish a serious and coherent coalition against the widespread activities of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in the areas under their control,” stressing the necessity to adopt effective measures to fight against terrorism and extremist groups, such as the IS.

The Croatian foreign minister called for increased parliamentary interactions as part of efforts to help facilitate bilateral trade and joint industrial and petrochemical investments.

The parliament speaker, for his part, touched on the nuclear talks and said, “Iran continues nuclear negotiations while adhering to its principles and logical standards, and in case there were no false excuses, reaching a (final nuclear) agreement is not inaccessible.”  

Larijani called relations between the two countries “good” and “historic”, and said, “Iran and Croatia enjoy great capacities which should be used to expand ties in political, economic, and industrial areas.”

The Majlis speaker said it is necessary that the two parliaments play their due roles to give fresh impetus to the growing trend of bilateral cooperation, adding that the Majlis is prepared to make efforts to pave the way for increasing ties in all areas of mutual interest.