Agreement With US Ensures Progress in Talks

Agreement With US Ensures Progress in Talks
Agreement With US Ensures Progress in Talks

A member of parliament said on Sunday any progress in nuclear talks between Iran and the major powers depends on reaching agreement with the United States. 

Referring to Iran-US bilateral talks in Geneva on Thursday and Friday, MP Nozar Shafiei said, "It is essential that the two sides hold separate bilateral talks to help achieve a comprehensive deal," IRNA reported.

He said reaching agreement with the United States has a direct bearing on broader talks with the P5+1 (five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany), so it is necessary that the US talks go on.

The parliamentarian pointed to the US high demands in the talks and said the negotiating parties should show determination and good intention to help resolve remaining issues.   

He added the recent US sanctions move against Iranian companies is in contravention of the Geneva interim nuclear deal and is indicative of a lack of political will on the part of the United States.

He stressed the need for Iran and the US to make efforts to reach a consensus through holding intensive meetings to pave the way for a final deal with the major powers.

Elsewhere, the lawmaker pointed out that the International Atomic Energy Agency's views on Tehran's nuclear program and its inspections of the country's nuclear facilities will affect the outcome of the negotiations with the P5+1. 

He described the recent IAEA report on Iran as "positive" and said the report confirmed that Iran is cooperating with the UN nuclear watchdog on the basis of the Geneva deal.

The MP also said Iran has done its utmost to prove its good intention, adding it is now the other side's turn to take a step forward.