Poll: Voters Back Trump's Decision Not to Strike Iran

A vast majority of US voters said they supported US President Donald Trump’s decision to not launch a retaliatory strike against Iran last month, according to a new Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll.
Seventy-eight percent of voters surveyed said they believed Trump’s decision to call off the strike on Iran was the right move, the Hill reported. 
The online survey of 2,182 registered voters was conducted from June 26-29.
Trump ordered and then reversed a decision to strike Iran after an unmanned and unarmed US drone was struck down last month.
The president explained in a tweet last month that he felt a US strike on Iran would not be "proportionate" to the Iranian action. He also said he learned 10 minutes before the US strike that 150 Iranians would die as a result.
The same poll found that 57% of voters said they were against military confrontation with Iran if the US was not directly attacked by the country, while 38% said they would support another US military entanglement in the region.
"The public views Iran with deep suspicion and would support military strikes if they strike against us, but absent that, they would proceed with caution," Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll Director Mark Penn told the Hill. 
"They fully support the president holding back from striking them after they took out a drone," he continued.
Tensions have escalated between the two countries since Trump pulled the US out of the multinational Iran nuclear deal.
The Trump administration has continued to impose sanctions on Iran, further heightening the conflict.
The Poll found that 55% of voters said they disapproved of the way the US was handling relations with Iran.
The Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll is a collaboration of the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University and the Harris Poll. 


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