MPs Questions FM

MPs Questions FMMPs Questions FM

A motion signed by 21 parliamentarians questioning Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif about his recent European tour was read out in an open session of parliament on Sunday, IRNA reported.

The lawmakers described as “two diplomatic mistakes” the foreign minister’s recent visit to France, which occurred after French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo published a cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) on his cover, and his walk with US Secretary of State John Kerry on January 14 along the Rhone River in Geneva where they held several rounds of nuclear talks.

The MPs asked the foreign minister, “What was the reason for these two diplomatic mistakes on the sidelines of the negotiations? Why didn’t you cancel your visit to France in protest at the French magazine’s blasphemous move?”

The report did not mention whether Zarif is scheduled to appear before parliament to answer the questions.