President Supports Closer Georgia Bonds

President Supports Closer Georgia Bonds
President Supports Closer Georgia Bonds

President Hassan Rouhani said tensions among neighboring states are detrimental and undermine the stability and security of the region.  

He made the remarks in a meeting with visiting Georgian Parliament Speaker David Usupashvili on Sunday.

"We should maintain peace and stability through respecting the geographical borders of each other and engage in dialogue in case any problem emerges," IRNA quoted him as saying, apparently referring to the Ukraine crisis.

Rouhani continued, "The Islamic Republic of Iran is willing to help foster closer relations between the two countries and this visit can be a turning point and a good start to make Tehran-Tbilisi relations more active."

Referring to the historical relations and cultural similarities between Iran and Georgia, the president stressed the necessity to benefit from all the capacities in both countries to advance mutual ties and cooperation.  "Iran is also prepared to promote cooperation with Georgia in scientific and cultural areas."

Elsewhere, the chief executive called on world's countries to show respect to each other's cultures, reiterating, "We should all cooperate to fight against extremism, violence and terrorism."

The senior official described the close relations between parliaments of the two countries as highly beneficial for bilateral relations and said, "The administration backs interaction and close relations between parliaments."

For his part, Usupashvili referred to the increasing trend of bilateral relations over the past years and said, "Today we witness good Tehran-Tbilisi cooperation in energy and economic sectors and we are resolved to expand such cooperation."     

He stressed that Georgia is willing to make more efforts to help boost bilateral relations, adding, "We believe that major steps should be taken to further deepen bilateral cooperation in various spheres."

  Exemplary Cooperation  

The Georgian speaker said, "Considering the current complicated conditions in the region, we intend to introduce Iran-Georgia relations as an example of cooperation between nations and governments in the region and the world."

The Georgian official referred to the unique position of Iran in the region and said, "Thanks to its cordial relations with regional countries, Iran can play a constructive part in establishing peace and stability in the region, particularly in southern Caucasia, and count on Georgia as a partner in this regard."

In a separate development, the Georgian official met and conferred with Secretary of Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani on Sunday, IRNA reported. Referring to the negotiations between Iran and the major powers over Tehran's nuclear program, Shamkhani said, "The nuclear talks with the P5+1(the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany) is an opportunity to test the sincerity of these states in adhering to (the agreements reached in) the negotiations and lifting all illegal and oppressive sanctions."

The security official added that Iran's policy on the negotiations has always been based on "goodwill", a fact that has been repeatedly approved by the International Atomic Energy Agency.  

Usupashvili, for his part, expressed support for Iran's peaceful nuclear program and hoped that the nuclear talks will result in a comprehensive agreement which guarantees Iran's rights.