US Must Change Nature

US Must Change Nature US Must Change Nature

In response to the US stated goal of “changing the nature of Iran”, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi said it is the US that must change its nature as it has become a global demand.  
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed on Monday that the administration of US President Donald Trump is "exerting maximum pressure to change the very nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran to make sure that that regime simply behaves like a normal country and does not spread terror throughout the world". 
Mousavi noted that the US has moved from changing Iran's behavior to pursuing regime change and now the nature of the Islamic Republic, gradually revealing its hostile intentions, ISNA reported. 
"With growing opposition of the world community to measures against international regulations, the change in the nature of the American regime has become a global demand," he said. 
The US administration has been violating international norms and treaties, and constantly threatens global order, peace and stability under Trump.  


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