Speaker, Georgian Counterpart Discuss Region, Ties

Speaker, Georgian Counterpart Discuss  Region, Ties
Speaker, Georgian Counterpart Discuss  Region, Ties

Georgian Parliament Speaker David Usupashvili said Tehran and Tbilisi can positively cooperate in the campaign against terrorism.  

In a joint press conference after a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Ali Larijani in Tehran on Saturday, the Georgian official expressed his gratitude to the Majlis speaker for inviting him to Iran and said, "We held good talks and stressed that Iran and Georgia enjoy longtime and positive relations, which can be further expanded," ICANA reported.

He continued, "The regional circumstances are currently getting more complicated and we are confronted with a number of challenges such as the threat of terrorism, on which the two countries can establish beneficial cooperation."   

He went on to say that the ground is prepared for cooperation in various fields, such as transportation, water, and energy, a fact which requires further consideration by both sides.  

The Georgian speaker said, "My Iranian counterpart stressed in the talks that they will continue to back the territorial integrity and independence of Georgia."  

He added that the two countries agreed to promote parliamentary relations and hold more meetings between the parliamentary friendship groups as part of efforts to enhance bilateral political cooperation.  

  Crucial Visit   

The Majlis speaker, for his part, described the Georgian parliamentarian's visit to Iran as crucial and said, "Iran and Georgia are close (neighbors) from historical and cultural viewpoints."

Larijani continued, "We held good talks on expansion of bilateral relations and discussed regional issues in the meeting."

He stated that the visit of the Georgian official to Tehran can pave the way for increasing bilateral cooperation.

In response to a question on the US Congress's attempts to impose fresh sanctions on Iran and Tehran's possible response, he said, "A relevant scenario has already been prepared in Iran and in case the Congress introduces any new sanctions, they will regret it and will be faced with a great stride in Iran's nuclear program."

Larijani said, "Iran has shown flexibility to seek solutions in the nuclear talks (with the major powers), but the US president's statement regarding the problems in the Congress is irrelevant for us and Iran does not accept to pay the cost of such issues," adding that if Barack Obama has failed to appropriately address the internal challenges (with the Congress), he should not reflect it in the negotiations and they should be capable enough to handle such cases."

A parliamentary delegation from Georgia headed by Parliament Speaker David Usupashvili arrived in Tehran on Saturday to meet and confer with Iranian officials, including President Hassan Rouhani.