Pelosi: Trump Administration Wrong on Iran

Pelosi: Trump Administration Wrong on Iran
Pelosi: Trump Administration Wrong on Iran

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described the approach of US President Donald Trump's administration to Iran, including its policy on the country’s nuclear deal, as “completely wrong”.
In a Monday interview with MSNBC about Vice President Mike Pence’s calls for the European allies of the US to follow the administration’s exit from the 2015 Iran nuclear accord, Pelosi said, “The vice president is an articulate spokesperson for his point of view, which I think on the subject of Iran is completely wrong.”  
Asked if the Trump policy is creating a breach between the US and the closest allies, she answered, “I certainly hope not. Hopefully, we have enough common ground. I do think that it would be important though that before pulling out of Syria and pulling out of the nuclear treaty that he would consult with our allies out of respect for their point of view.”
In fact, Trump unilaterally withdrew Washington in May 2018 from the nuclear accord it had signed with Iran and five world powers, against the wishes of America's European allies: Germany, France and the UK.
The three countries have rejected Pence's request to quit the Iran nuclear deal.


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