UN Urges Int’l Community to Safeguard JCPOA

UN Urges Int’l Community to Safeguard JCPOAUN Urges Int’l Community to Safeguard JCPOA

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres underlined the significance of Iran's nuclear accord for international security, urging the global community to make efforts to uphold the hard-earned deal. 
In a report to the United Nations Security Council on the implementation of sanctions on Iran cited by Reuters on Tuesday, the UN chief called on all countries to “ensure the continuity of this agreement that is fundamental to regional and international peace and security”.  
The US decision in May to opt out of the landmark agreement and reimpose harsh sanctions on Iran has exposed the deal to the threat of unraveling, but the remaining parties to the deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, have pledged to ensure Tehran’s financial interests to convince the country to remain in the deal.  
Iran has made it clear that it will only stick to the agreement as long as its adherence accrues benefits. 


Arms Allegation 

In another part of the report, Guterres claimed that two launch units for anti-tank guided missiles recovered by a Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen appear to have been manufactured in Iran during 2016-17.
However, he did not specifically state whether he believed the discovery of the units in Yemen was a violation of a 2016 UNSC resolution that enshrines the Iran nuclear deal. 
The resolution prevents Iran from importing and exporting arms or related materiel unless the UN Security Council has given approval.
“The secretariat found that they had characteristics of Iranian manufacture and that their markings indicated production dates in 2016 and 2017,” Guterres said.
“The secretariat also examined a partly disassembled surface-to-air missile seized by the Saudi-led coalition and observed that its features appeared to be consistent with those of an Iranian missile.”
Iran has repeatedly denied supplying weapons to its allies in Yemen. 
The UN Security Council was due to discuss the latest report of Guterres on Wednesday.

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