(P)GCC’s Tehran Approach “Unconstructive"

(P)GCC’s Tehran Approach “Unconstructive"
(P)GCC’s Tehran Approach “Unconstructive"

Iran's Foreign Ministry denounced the approach adopted by the (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council toward Iran, saying the council is being abused by certain member states.
In a statement on Monday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi rejected the charges made against Tehran in the (P)GCC summit in Riyadh on Sunday, regretting the continuation of the council’s “unconstructive approach” toward Iran, ISNA reported.
Chairing the meeting, Saudi King Salman claimed that Iran sponsors terrorism and threatens the stability of region. He also accused Iran of pursuing aggressive policies and interfering in the internal affairs of Arab countries.
King Salman called on (P)GCC member states to work with international partners to secure adequate guarantees on Iran’s nuclear program.
In response to the Saudi king’s accusations, Qasemi said, “In practice, the (P)GCC has turned into a mouthpiece for declaring the policies of some of its members, and adopts stances at the expense and in the name of all members, which do not help regional peace and stability in any way.”
The spokesman also said the regional bloc can play an effective role by adopting an “independent and logical” approach, but instead, it is “shamelessly prizing the divisive policies of certain outside powers”.
Qasemi stressed that the Islamic Republic maintains that the positions announced during the Riyadh summit do not represent the stance of all (P)GCC members. 
“The Saudi failure to attain its objectives at the meeting is evidenced by the contradiction between the text of the final statement and the practical approach of some [(P)GCC] members toward the Islamic Republic,” he said. 


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