Renewed Pledge to Stand By Palestine

Renewed Pledge to Stand By Palestine Renewed Pledge to Stand By Palestine

The parliament speaker said Iran stands by the Palestinian nation and supports them against the Zionist regime.

In a meeting with Leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Ahmed Jibril on Monday in Tehran, Ali Larijani referred to the liberation of the occupied Palestinian territories as a major objective for the Muslim world and said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran on the basis of its principled policy stands by and supports the Palestinian nation against the tyrannical and evil actions of the Zionist regime,” Fars news agency reported.   

He condemned the recent Israeli strike in Syria near the Golan Heights, which killed a number of Hezbollah members, and said, “This criminal and cowardly action revealed that the terrorist groups in Syria and the racist Zionist regime are in cahoots.”

The Majlis speaker reiterated, “The axis of resistance should be strengthened through promoting unity and solidarity among Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese forces.”  

The senior lawmaker criticized the wrong policy of some regional states to follow the lead of the West, noting, “Unfortunately, the recent plot by some regional countries to engineer a decline in oil prices indicates their submission to the hegemonistic and anti-Islam policies of world powers.”

Larijani stressed the necessity of enhancing solidarity among the Palestinian resistant groups against the Zionist regime and their western allies.

Ahmed Jibril, for his part, praised Iran’s support for the Palestinian cause and the liberation of the holy al-Quds and said, “The oppressed people of Palestine will never forget Iran’s support, for which they are always grateful.”   

Touching on the latest developments in the region, he said, “The incidents in Syria and Iraq are part of the arrogant powers’ plots hatched against the axis of resistance, which should be foiled.”