Straw: US Pressure Policy on Iran a Miscalculation

Straw: US Pressure Policy on Iran a Miscalculation  Straw: US Pressure Policy on Iran a Miscalculation

The United States has made “a miscalculation” in its policy of ditching the Iran nuclear deal and resuming unilateral sanctions on the country, a former British diplomat said.
In a recent interview with IRNA, Jack Straw, former British foreign secretary, said the US expected that it would be able to “get other countries on board” by exerting pressure, but this has not happened so far. 
“My guess is … the US sanctions will be less effective than they anticipated,” he said, adding that there is a global will this time to not let US policies produce the result they seek. 
The United States withdrew in May from a 2015 nuclear deal struck between Iran and six world powers, and reinstated its sanctions regime against Tehran.
The first round of sanctions took effect in August and a new set targeting Iran's banking and oil sectors is due to be enforced on Nov. 4.
US President Donald Trump has claimed that the new restrictions would be the “toughest sanctions” against Iran ever. 
Straw, however, said this is not the harshest US measure against Iran, but the gravest mistake in its foreign policy.
The US has also threatened that the countries, which continue to do business with Iran, would face its penalties. 
Nevertheless, the remaining parties, particularly the European Union, have refused to align themselves with the US, pledging to make every effort to save the deal.
Along this line, the EU has designed a financial mechanism to help continue its trade with the world despite the sanctions.  
Straw assured that Britain, along with other European countries, is determined to resist the US pressure.
"What is more important than saving the nuclear accord is convincing Washington authorities that turning one's back on international agreements that have brought stability to the world is a mistake and is dangerous for the US itself, as it is for the rest of the world," he said. 


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