Gov't Determined to Fight Corruption

Gov't Determined to Fight Corruption
Gov't Determined to Fight Corruption

President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday the government is determined in its campaign against corruption.

He made the remarks in an address to a gathering of intellectuals and academics in Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi Province, IRNA reported.   

"The government is rock solid in the battle against corruption" Rouhani said.  

The existing problems will be solved through maintaining unity and solidarity and making endeavor, he said, adding knowledge as a key instrument can serve best such a goal.   

He reiterated that the government leaves no stone unturned in its fight against corruption and feels no fear of any power or person in its effort to boost the development process of the country.

Rouhani said the government will successfully achieve its objectives as far as the dominant majority of the people provide it with assistance in its path ahead.

He stressed that corruption cannot be cured by mere words or through using force, but a methodical plan is required to root out wrongdoings. 

Elsewhere, the president described an "electronic government" as an effective means to deal with misconduct.

He urged academics, researchers, and scholars to help the government overcome economic problems and recession.

The obstacles in cultural and economic spheres should be dealt with through adopting a scientific approach, as the issues are addressed in the healthcare sector, he continued.

Rouhani asked intellectuals and academics to try to put their scientific findings into practice and develop them into applicable technology.

He expressed hope that the thoughtful intellectuals in the province would help find solutions to the problems facing the people of the region.