Security Chief, Iraqi Minister Discuss Anti-Terror Fight

Security Chief, Iraqi Minister Discuss Anti-Terror Fight
Security Chief, Iraqi Minister Discuss Anti-Terror Fight

Iraq's Interior Minister Mohammed Salem al-Ghabban conferred with the secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) in Tehran on Monday.

SNSC chief Ali Shamkhani expressed satisfaction with the recent victories of the Iraqi army and volunteer forces in the battle against "terrorist takfiri" groups and said, "Despite covert intelligence, arms and financial aid by some regional and non-regional states for the groups, remarkable efforts are underway to completely destroy the terrorists in Iraq and establish security and peace in the country," ISNA reported.

Takfiri is a Muslim who accuses another Muslim of being a heretic.

He added, "The growing participation of volunteer forces from various religious and ethnical groups and tribes in the battle against terrorism and the support by prominent clerics in Iraq are the most basic necessities to create sustainable security in the country."

The security chief said expansion of strategic cooperation between the two neighboring states should go beyond the defense, security and political spheres.

Referring to the resolve and efforts of the two governments to further boost bilateral economic cooperation, he said, "In an upcoming event, opportunities for economic cooperation between Iran and Iraq will be introduced in a business fair in Baghdad with strong presence of Iranian companies, preparing the ground for both neighbors to open a new chapter in extensive bilateral economic cooperation."

Ghabban, for his part, elaborated on the developing trend in the security capabilities of Iraq in the current situation, adding, "By adopting some measures, most of provinces, particularly Baghdad, are in good conditions."