Iraq Urged to Hand Over Terrorists

Iraq Urged to Hand Over TerroristsIraq Urged to Hand Over Terrorists

Chairman of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri demanded Baghdad hand over terrorists in Iraqi Kurdistan region and close their bases.

“The government of Iraq and the Kurdistan authorities should not allow such bases on their territories and need to hand over these separatist terrorists to Iran,” Baqeri said on Tuesday, according to Fars News Agency.

In a statement on Sunday, the IRGC confirmed that it had launched a missile attack a day earlier on areas in Iraqi Kurdistan that was being used for training anti-Iran terrorists and was host to a meeting of terrorist leaders.

The general urged Iraqi and Kurdistan region officials not to allow bases in their territories to be used for destabilizing neighboring countries.

“If they cannot hand them over, then they should expel them. Iran has the right to defend itself.”

“The separatists had promised not to stage any terror operation in Iran but they reneged last year after being tempted by US and other countries in the region and carried out terror attacks. This was unacceptable  and time and again we notified them of the consequences,” Baqeri said.

 “Once again, I repeat that the Baghdad and KRG governments should not let other bases to provoke and create new sources of insecurity. In fact they are responsible for handing over the terrorists to Iran,” the senior military official.


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